Update: December 12th, 2018

Sorry guys, I haven’t been doing a great job updating this everyday. There are a lot Quarriors that I haven’t done daily reporting on, but hopefully the notifications are handling this for me. If not, please check this google spreadsheet for the entire list so far and for your own in-app username.

Also, we’ve made some significant improvements to the leaderboard in an effort to shed more light on who did well on which days. Be sure to check that out in your Quarry tab!

So, without further ado~

Below are the, newly added, outstanding Quarriors who have contributed to the Quarry cause!

The Top 10, NEW, from up-voting / posting:

  1. Otank24
  2. Sri Lanka
  3. pr
  4. Roxy
  5. sandeepmk1
  6. Joshua Belgica
  7. yrohit22
  8. akbcrypto
  9. Danswrang Basumatary
  10. dyos

Remember, the current rules are these:

  1. From posting / up-voting: Account must hold at least 5,000 ROX;
  2. From invites: Account must hold at least 10,000 ROX;
  3. Be in the top 150 from up-votes, posts, or invites in a single day;
  4. Remain active for at least 14 days.

Read more about the rules, here.


Quarry public address on etherscan.


Full list of sent withdraw amounts & amounts withdrawn so far in google sheets.

Congratulations you guys!

If you haven’t seen your name called out yet, keep quarrying-on! Winners are chosen by their in-app activity for posts, up-votes, comments, and invites.

Everyone has a daily chance to reach the top — read up on how to get the most ROX here.

If you see your username listed above — WAY TO GO — be sure to check into the app and withdraw that ETH! You should have received a notification about withdrawing your ROX, but if you haven’t, navigate over to your Quarry tab to view redemption details.