This page is dedicated to the explanation of stakes in Quarry and how they effect distribution of the daily ROX pool. Recommended prior to continuing: Token ROX, A New Kind of Currency.


The concept is centered around promoting followers to up-vote content and in encouraging the sharing of posts outside of the app. The more people that up-vote from your suggestions, the higher your ROX reward from the pool.

It’s important to first understand how ROX are divided up among all the posts in a single day:

Distribution rules

  • All posts will be included in the running for daily rewards and will be ranked according to the total number of up-votes that day;
  • Top posts can be seen from the daily leader-board and will receive the largest share of the total pool;
  • All Quarriors that up-voted posts will be registered and their contributions to up-votes will be counted, divided, and ROX will be awarded according to their contributions to the total up-votes each post received (stakes).


  • The more ROX held in an account, the more stakes claimed when up-voting content;
  • Shared posts increase stakes in a post when Quarriors that click to view the post up-vote it. Rippled sharing will continue to generate stakes for the initial stone-thrower.


Assuming each up-vote is worth 1 stake: Quarrior A shares a post to Quarrior B and they up-vote it. Quarrior A will receive 1 stake.

Quarrior B shares Quarrior A’s post too, and it is up-voted by Quarrior C. Quarrior A will receive another stake, and Quarrior B will receive 1 stake. And so on.

TL;DR: The more ROX held will increase stakes when up-voting, and shared posts that receive up-votes will increase stakes, leading to more ROX claimed from the daily ROX pool.