We at Token Block Friends are delighted and excited to announce the launch of our first blockchain/cryptocurrency app: Quarry.

Quarry is designed to be the fastest, most convenient way to apply for airdrops, browse ÐApps, and keep track of your incoming tokens. Whether you are a crypto newbie just testing the waters (if so, check out our 15-minute crypto crash course!) or a seasoned ICO veteran, Quarry is here to help.

For many people, token airdrops are the first stepping stone in exploring the world of blockchain applications: They’re free, easy to complete, and allow you to quickly get a glimpse of what blockchain technologies are able to accomplish. For others, DApps such as CryptoKitties are the first facet of this technology to inspire curiosity.

Our goal is to find as many of these stepping stones as possible, be they lucrative airdrops or interesting ÐApps. A quarry is a place from which raw stones are taken before being used to create beautiful works of art; our Quarry is a repository of stepping stones, of easy entries into the wider world of blockchain technology.

Let’s have a look, shall we?

Airdrops made easy

Airdrops are a great way to earn free tokens. All you need to do is complete a few social media tasks (such as joining a Telegram group or following a project on Twitter) and return to the airdrop page to fill in a short form.

It’s easy, but filling in the same forms over and over can be tedious and time-consuming.

With Quarry, you are able to do this much faster than ever before. Using our auto-fill tool, you simply supply the app with your social media handles, and we take care of the rest. No more tapping out the same info over and over.

The other difficulty with airdrops is finding good ones. Again, Quarry has your back. We sift through the social media announcements, bounty pages, and press released for you, delivering up only the best (non-scammy) airdrops on a platter every day.

You’ll never miss an opportunity for free tokens again.

ÐApps, a-la-carte

Decentralized applications are the future, but even as more and more computing moves to the blockchain, sometimes it’s difficult just to know what is out there.

For those not aware, a ÐApp is a program built on a blockchain (typically, on Ethereum), which means that it is decentralized, secure, and powered by the same technology behind Bitcoin and Ether. ÐApps are owned by the people using the blockchain, and there is no central authority controlling the data used.

In many cases, these applications take the form of games or collection platforms such as CryptoKitties, and that’s great. However, ÐApps such as Aragon, a platform for creating “unstoppable communities” on the blockchain, or Augur, a mind-bending oracle and prediction market, also deserve the attention of more than just die-hard Ethereum fans.

With Quarry, we are continuously curating a selection of high-quality ÐApps that are ready for users right now, which already have the potential to change your life for the better.

An ETH wallet without the hassle

One of the common barriers to entry with crypto is simply the technical know-how in setting one up. While we are not the first company to make an ERC20-compatible wallet for your phone, we do think that ours is the easiest to hand off to a total beginner.

All the typical security tools are under the hood: password protection, paper key generation, hidden private key, import options. This should go without saying, but we do not have access to the wallets of Quarry users. The wallets are stored locally on your phone; we couldn’t get in even if we wanted to.

Quarry is the best, easiest way to keep track of all the ERC20 tokens you’ll get from airdrops.

Who is Quarry for?

Quarry is for everyone, but we especially hope it helps curious newbies get a foothold in the world of cryptocurrency.

It is an excellent way to introduce friends to airdrops, to show off what kinds of tools are being built on blockchain, and to get over that first hurdle, setting up a wallet. If you have friends and family that are interested in cryptocurrency, but are unwilling to invest money in buying it, Quarry is your friend. If you want to prove the utility of blockchain technology in powering a new, decentralized internet, Quarry is your friend. If you are just a fan of airdrops and want to speed up that process, Quarry is your friend.

Quarry is your stepping stone into the world of crypto. We hope you like it.