We’re Token Block Friends, your buddies in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain applications.

What was Quarry?

Born out of a conviction that everyone can benefit from the blossoming blockchain industry, Quarry was designed with a simple goal in mind: Introduce blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to a wider audience than ever before.

Airdrops are the easiest, most compelling point of entry into the world of crypto.

The concept is simple: Do a few social media tasks, wait a bit, and get rewarded with tokens. The decision of what to do with them is left up to you. If you think they will increase in value, hold onto them. If not, sell or give them away. Over a short period of time, collecting a small portfolio of unique ERC20 tokens is simple and free, and for many people, that might be the tipping point into the larger, more complex world of blockchain applications.

Of course, we’re also just happy to help you get airdrops. If we can remove some of the tedious form-filling and make the airdrop process a bit faster and more fun, it’s mission accomplished.

With Quarry, there’s nothing to lose, and a whole world to gain. Join us, and watch the future unfold.