The past few weeks have been an exciting time for the wide world of blockchain! Bitcoin regains some of it’s former glory, and the rest of the cryptocurrencies followed suit. Dogecoin had a decent surge going due to it’s recent listing on Binance, and venture capitalists acquire new tastes for investing in upstart decentralized projects.

June’s Top 5 Posts

  1. Litecoin Could Become A Privacy Coin This Year | Crypto Briefing by Joao Carreira
  2. Analyst: Bitcoin May Drop as Low as $5,400 Before Bears Take Full Control, Here’s Why | NewsBTC by Kuldeep3818
  3. What Block.One Announced About EOS On June 1st | Ethereum World News by Subhankar
  4. Chainlink skyrockets 117% after listings on Coinbase Pro and Coinbase retail | CryptoSlate by Mr KhÆñ
  5. You Should Know More About Crypto By Now! | Medium @dahunsi.oyedele by JC

In Addition

We’ve also finished our whitepaper for Quarry! It’s not quite ready to be published onto our official channels, but you should see a version of it this month on the official Quarry website ( It’s a whopper, and I’m excited to show you it to you guys and to discuss in detail where Quarry is heading! When it’s published, there may be a surprise to come along with it.

Until next time: Quarry on, dudes.