In our quest for world domination we have been developing a number of new apps, as some of you might already be well aware. In our efforts to capitalize on the crypto-bear market, we have created 4 new apps (re-Readers, Status, an unpublished Chinese-English dictionary app, and an unpublished Chinese-English learning app) and taken over operations and the future road map for The Token Game, which was originally designed by a co-development group.

What some of you might not be aware of is that we developed a few other applications prior to Quarry, namely 30 Day Workout, Fit O’Clock, and the now de-listed Tasty Recipes & Crack Baseball.

While we await the return of cryptocurrencies to their former glory, we will continue to persevere, developing new apps and adjusting our penetration strategy as we go.

Current Roadmap

“What’s our strategy?”

I hear you asking, and to give some insights into the big picture: We envision an entire ecosystem where all applications are connected by blockchain technology. It’s a bit vague, and I apologize for that. The most well-known example for our concept is like a giant digital coupon book, where coupons can be transferred from store to store (or from app to app). We’re currently running a market test of this in The Token Game — allowing users to swap their GOAT for ROX as they see fit.


Monetization is probably the biggest blockchain company killer to-date, and we’ve experienced our own troubles in that regard as well. Without an ICO, it can be difficult to generate funds.

Traditionally, we’ve resorted to in-app ad placements, but — obviously — the amount of traffic received will make or break this source of income. We have not received enough traffic to live purely off of ad-revenue, and so we had high hopes for airdrops & token contests providing us the much needed capital as we continue to grow. As a short term strategy, this has not worked out to our initial hopes, and the long term results still remain to be seen.

Had we been able to win Cryptokitties’ Live Furever contest (and a few others) with your support we’d have a little bit more proof-of-concept to stand on, but alas, we did not.

Where Does Quarry Fit In?

Quarry will remain as our hub for blockchain news & information as a social platform. In the meantime, we will be developing new apps in new / emerging markets. We firmly believe that cryptocurrencies aren’t going anywhere and it’s just a matter of time before there’s a major breakthrough in this technology. As companies learn how to best implement blockchain we’ll see a resurgence in cryptocurrencies too.

We’ll be there when it happens.