Thanks for tuning in for another segment of Scam or Not — and this time, user Jayesh Jaiswal has asked me to check out an “investment” opportunity from a company called BTC GAIN.

Let me just start off by saying this website is SCAM AF!

How do I know? Thank you so much for asking!


As always, first glance of the site appears to show everything in working order, but that vibrating ‘+REGISTRATION NOW’ button makes me uncomfortable. Could be nothing, but typically investment offerings steer clear of these kinds of conversion tactics to build good will.

Scrolling a little further and reading the text, it’s all very poorly written and none of the site content is definitively created by this company. Their main video is from a clearly different content creator and doesn’t talk about how any of this works, just about BTC in general. So, where’s the proof that this ‘investment’ company can generate returns? It gets better…/s

Their proof is a simple, static, embedded spreadsheet… 🤦

Don’t even get me started on the image of Hong Kong certification and English / Russian translation at the top of the page (Russian doesn’t work btw).


🛑 Red flag #1


Just like with my previous post — Scam or not: — I absolutely HATE having to create an account just to see what something is all about, and here we have this website doing exactly that. No actual proof, nothing on the main page, and links either go straight to home or to locations on the site that have no content (Investors / Partners). This is a bad sign.

⚠️ Yellow flag #1


This website feels like it was purchased as a template. A lot of the links go to seemingly legit pages, but the content feels like it was written for something else. There is very little customization, and the biggest clue is that the ‘Terms of Service’ has leftover text from possibly a previous version of the site.

I can’t give this a red flag, because I don’t believe anything is bad regarding templates. But it is certainly a warning sign for a company that claims 3 years of experience.

🛑 Red flag #2


I’m not confident they’re even trying to have good English. The main site, before navigation, is okay — minor mistakes here and there — but once you actually try to understand what’s written, it gets pretty bad. Really drives home the feeling that the front-end section of the site was purchased, and not developed.

🛑 Red flag #3


Can’t find a lot of information about this website, so not many people are talking about it… meaning not many people are making any money. There is NO legitimate payment proof out there, and this forum discusses their payout mechanism in small detail, but the best exit scams have significant payment proof.

This one appears to allow withdraw to a certain extent in order to entice you to deposit more.


If you’ve already put some money into this, I highly recommend withdrawing whatever they will allow and get the hell out.

What do you guys think? Leave your comments below and tell me about any other ‘offers’ you would like for me to check out.