Connecting Steemit to Quarry


Another super-cool feature is finally ready in Quarry from Token Block Friends.

Cross-post from steemit: Available now!

That’s right, we’ve gone and done it. Using SteemConnect, we’ve created a way for steemit users to get a leg-up in Quarry and cross-post from their accounts! This allows for a number of perks, namely bypassing the 1000 ROX post requirement and allowing for easy cross-posting of steemit account content.

Here’s how you do it:

First, simply navigate over to the ‘Account’ tab, and tap on the 3rd button that’s labeled:


From there, you’ll see a new screen detailing all the information related to this feature. Tap on ‘Continue’ which will open web view of the SteemConnect page. Here, you need to submit your steemit username and your posting key OR your private key. Heavily recommend using your posting key! Checkout a guide for quickly finding it, here.

What you get — the Perks:

  1. Unlock posting and receive 1000 ROX;
  2. Post directly from steemit into Quarry;
  3. Get ROX for your STEEM POWER (SP);
    • 100 SP or less: +1000 ROX for every 10 SP
    • 101 – 1000 SP: +1000 ROX for every 20 SP
    • 1001 SP or more: +1000 ROX for every 50 SP


Bound steemit accounts cannot be unbound or linked to any other Quarry account. All ROX generated will be LOCKED and cannot be traded nor exchange.

LOCKED ROX? What are those…

Some big changes are coming down the pipe for how quarriors can use their influence inside the app. Having more ROX when up-voting will determine a number of new outcomes when deciding which posts should receive the most out of the reward pool.

More on that later.


Bind your steemit account today!

If you’ve never created a steemit account, you can do so here.

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