Howdy my fellow Quarriors!

Boon Doge here again to announce the names of those among us with more than 10k ROX that contributed most to the app on 11/14/2018. Below are the usernames of powerful quarriors along with the amount of ROX to be redeemed for ETH:

Top Up-votes

  1. gww
    • 2,109 ROX
  2. Mahesh Singh
    • 1,590 ROX
  3. Ninja Duit
    • 616 ROX
  4. Woody Guo
    • 327 ROX
  5. Ramsina
    • 314 ROX

Top Invites

  1. Eishal
    • 3,351 ROX
  2. krishna
    • 1,860 ROX
  3. Promining
    • 1,860 ROX
  4. mdpavel
    • 1,860 ROX

If you see your username listed above — WAY TO GO — be sure to check into the app and withdraw that ETH! You should have received a notification about withdrawing your ROX, but if you haven’t, navigate over to your Quarry tab to view redemption details.


The first round of ETH cash-outs have been sent! For proof of transaction, please check out the official Quarry public address on etherscan:

The ability to withdraw ROX as ETH (redeem) has been sent over the last few days, but not claimed, to the following users:

  1. Deep@k: 5,354 ROX
  2. follow: 5,660 ROX
  3. dark: 4,608 ROX
  4. Kray Gem: 2,900 ROX
  6. max isuru: 1,976 ROX
  7. PASAN MR: 17,428 ROX

Congratulations you guys!

If you haven’t seen your name called out yet, keep quarrying-on! Winners are chosen by their in-app activity for posts, up-votes, comments, and invites.

Everyone has a daily chance to reach the top — read up on how to get the most ROX here.