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Quarry was conceived with a simple, albeit far-reaching, vision in mind: To foster growth for blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies.

Token Block Friends ceased development of Quarry in early 2019, and this page is all that remains as tribute to the designers and programmers and creators who poured their hearts into this application. The entire app team (AKA Akin Development) has moved on to other projects.

If you are interested in an in-depth accounting of my -- Brendon AKA Boondoge -- work on this project, please tap here.

Information Asymmetry

Quarry passively utilized a comprehensive reward mechanism that encouraged users to upload trusted content. New posts were sorted by auto-mated controls (AI / ML) and user engagement.

Cryptocurrency Rewards

Airdrops are used to reward social media campaigners with respective platform tokens, paying them for reach. We enabled Quarriors by building a feature that allowed them to complete airdrop campaigns in mere minutes.

Simple and Secure

We created our very own HD ERC20 compatible wallet and the functionality for users to import or track their own. This was a fundamental necessity because interaction with blockchain technology will always require a safe location in which to store tokens.

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Born from a conviction that everyone everywhere can benefit from blossoming blockchain concepts around the world, our mission was to empower the community at large by providing the necessary tools and trustworthy information needed to thrive.

Akin Development was a small startup based out of Shanghai centered around the wide world of internet utility apps.

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Akin Development

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We designed and created with a sole purpose in mind: To make our apps the best in every market we entered. How did we do that? Well, we listened. We tried our damnedest to stay in contact with our customers and users for every step of every project. Without them, there was no point to any of this.


Over 10 years of experience in mobile internet products, +4 years of experience in mobile Internet products, and has produced & operated a variety of products (cumulative user volume of over 2 million) with domestic and overseas successes in various categories of tools, content and community.


Former Holaverse R&D Director that has developed products ranked first in more than 80 countries. Also previously, an engineer and project leader at Microsoft achieving extensive experience in user support, product quality improvement, process optimization, communication, and project management.


As Creative / Content Manager, Brooks was our digital avatar, chief evangelism officer, and the voice of our social media outreach campaigns.

Developing Mobile Apps since 2016


Hey! It's me, Boondoge! I made this website and worked very closely with the founders and chairman as Product / Operations / Marketing manager, and for Quarry I was Director of Operations. See my individual contributions by tapping on my picture.

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Archived posts

From the old Quarry blog

Last Week in Quarry, April 30th

Welcome back to another Last Week in Quarry, I’ve got another great post for you today on the comings and goings of the Token Block Friend and Quarry world.



POWH.IO is an ongoing experiment that adds psychological dimensions to a fully autonomous cryptocurrency centered around the fundamentals of Universal Basic Income.

P3D tokens are the OG of instantaneous dividends-from-a-service model that’s now ubiquitous in cryptocurrency today. No human involvement or corruption, just your fair share of the revenue from any service, instantly.

P3D will always be available if you’re interested in developing or participating within its endless stream of amusement. It’s one of the Ethereum blockchain’s most successful and longest running games.

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Phone: +86 135 6449 7761


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